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Talking to Animals

Animal communication and healing news to inspire your soul!

So what is Animal Communication?

Published by Jason

communicating with pets

communicating with pets

The term 'animal communication' may be new to you, but chances are if you found yourself reading this then you have an interest in the subject. In this context, animal communication means something which may be difficult to comprehend for some people, but absolutely amazing to others.

In a nutshell we are talking about communicating with our animal friends on a much deeper level, through telepathy and other psychic skills. There, what do you think now?

Most people will have heard of telepathy but thought it is probably just something tricksters do to con people. I'm here to tell you it is very real, and a very natural way to communicate. So easy that once you get to grips with it you won't believe what you've been missing!

Many animal communicators have been lucky to have the telepathy skill since they were very young, using it to talk to animals throughout their childhood. Many stopped it when their friends laughed at them, for fear of ridicule. Some have had to work at the telepathy to bring it back into their lives. I'm one of those. I'm not telepathic out of the box, so to speak, I had to learn it - or re-learn it as they say. I'm in my late thirties and have only just found an interest in it, mainly because I had not heard of it before. I've been into other spiritual activities, such as meditation, yoga and Tai Chi, but talking with animals was unheard of before. Telepathy is a natural given skill when we're born, it's just that it is tended to be put to one side and lost over the years as the majority of humans use the verbal tongue instead.

So what can we do with this telepathy skill? How does it work with animals? Our animal friends are naturally telepathic, so it's quite easy to open up a connection with them. Generally they are eager to connect on this deeper level. Animals are ready to communicate and help us learn about life and their side of the world. It is also a great way to find out what is troubling them, and help fix it in a way which would not have been possible had it not been for animal communication. Of course they don't speak the human tongue but thankfully there seems to be a universal translation going on. Perhaps our brains intemperate what they are thinking. It's difficult to say exactly how we understand each other, but it happens naturally.

Animal communication testimonials

If you search the internet for animal communication testimonials you will find stories that prove a telepathic connection is possible between humans and animals. There are just too many stories about how a communicator learnt something from an animal that the owner said was impossible to know. In fact, modern science has proved that telepathy, and many other esoteric and psychic abilities are more than possible. Quantum physics proves thought transference works, even across vast distances. Today the world is waking up to what is possible with skills such as telepathy.

To take you even deeper into the rabbit hole, you can also connect with animals that have passed away. One of my first readings was on an animal communication workshop where we exchanged photos of our pets. The one I did a reading for was a god that had passed away. I asked it several questions and got them all correct, according to dogs owner. Some of the information the dog gave me was impossible for me to have known. It blew me away! Here I was, connecting to the spirit of an animal that had died. It's like the stuff out of a Hollywood film isn't it? But it's real, I can honestly say. Until I actually learnt it I was 80% sure it was possible, but after experiencing telepathy first hand I'm 100% sure it's real.

Now a step further...you are not restricted to just talking with animals using telepathy. You can communicate with humans, birds, insects, plants, trees and even rocks. Think about it, everything on this planet is essentially made up of energy. Energy is consciousness. It lives. I know someone who had an interesting conversation with a spider. You will also find communicators who make contact with dolphins and whales, either swimming with them or using distance communication. These creatures all have wise words for us. They tell us things about life and the planet that we would not be able to know otherwise. Some animals are cheeky, playful or stubborn, but most are wise old souls that are happy to communicate with us humans.

You can book an animal communication reading on my website to find out what your pet is thinking!