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Talking to Animals

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The Power of Absent Healing For Animals

Posted on July 4 2016 by Jason

The Power of Absent Healing For Animals

Animals are amazing creatures, they keep us humans company and have survived for millions of years on our planet. No matter whether animals are our pets or wild creatures we want to make sure that they are healthy and happy. One of the best ways to make sure that your animals are feeling good and healthy is to use absent healing, also known as distant healing. Absent healing is a method of healing that traverses great distances and uses the power of love to make animals feel better.

Many times in today's world modern medicine will let animals down. While we can work miracles compared to what we have been able to do in the past, it can sometimes fail. Whether there isn't a proper procedure for what you need to be done or you can't afford it, absent healing is an option that can help animals of all kinds. Working alongside veterinary help it can be well worth investing in.


How does absent healing work?

Practitioners of absent healing, also known as distance reiki animal healing, can work differently but they all operate under a similar premise. You contact the distance healer and they will connect with your animal over a long distance. Many healers will first ask the animal if they are open to healing. If the animal is open to healing, the process can go smoothly and work miracles on your animal. If they are, the force of the healing is instead directed to the general wellbeing of the animal and the circumstances that are making them sick.

You can improve the ability for a distance healer to be able to help your animals by providing them with a photograph. The photograph gives the practitioner something to focus on when they are trying to heal your animals. It is even more important for a healer to see a photograph or picture of the animal if it is a wild one, this is because the person calling them does not have a direct connection with the animal. The photograph serves as a conduit. Some practitioners will also ask for hair or something similar if there is time because it makes it even easier to help.


When might absent healing be used to help animals?

There are a lot of cases that absent healing can be helpful. You don’t even have to wait until you have tried modern medicine methods. Absent healing is extremely useful in situations where the animal cannot be moved to a healer. This could be a situation where the animal is on a farm or even in a different country. It is also great for animals that you cannot handle such as an injured wild animal.

The conditions being treated by absent healers don’t even have to be life threatening ones. You can treat Alzheimer’s, fear, and behavior problems with distance healing. It's worth noting that distant animal healing will not cure a pet of things like cancer, but it can lead to a better quality of life and help them cope with injuries, illness and emotional trauma.

You may be wondering where the tradition of absent healing originated from. Almost all cultures that span a long period of time have a tradition of using distance or absent healing. One of the most well-known cultures to use such practice is the Native Americans. They are well known for rituals and beliefs that can bestow power and health.

It is important to note that it is always wise to call a vet as soon as you discover a major or life threatening problem with a pet or animal. Distance healing can be used in combination with traditional healing. In fact, combining both modern and traditional treatments can be the best way to ensure that your animal makes it through any challenges it faces. The process is called a complementary therapy because it is used in combination with other methods of healing.

Distance healing isn’t a new art and it isn't limited to animals. It is also an art that is practiced with humans often times. Many humans report feeling significant improvement after distance healing treatments. Like with animals, though, you should never use distance healing to replace a doctor's advice and treatment.

To many people, absent healing may sound a bit too far fetched for them to get their head around it but to anyone who has tried it with a trained professional, they know that it is something more. It is a way to heal your animals and to comfort them at the same time. What is the harm in trying a method of healing that could just save the life of your best friend?

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